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At BodyInMind we are committed to empowering and helping you realize your  untapped potential by aligning your physical body, and activating the innate healer and wisdom within us all.
Together, we’ll create a plan that suits you best, wherever you currently are in life right now-it's never too late to start :-)

Holistic Therapies

CranioSacral Therapy
Bowen Technique
Swedish Massage
Functional Personal Training


Group Wellness

Retreats & Group/Corporate Events

Group Therapy


*Unwind Active Meditation
Energy medicine workshops

Group Discussion

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral helps many thousands of people daily around the world deal with stress , anxiety, insomnia, immunity, chronic pain and illness, by treating the body as a whole integrated system, especially the central nervous system, which regulates nearly everything to keep us in balance! (homeostasis).

Craniosacral therapy is also commonly used as a complementary therapy to help reduce pain or nervous system disorders, often resulting in patients able to reduce/stop medication or manage life with much more ease on a daily basis..  probably the most common feedback over the last 13 years has been people commentating they have much more energy, they are able to stay more relaxed and grounded in stressful/demanding situations, and they can sleep better, with less anxiety in general 

**Common reasons people use Crainiosacral therapy**

migraines and headaches


  irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  disturbed sleep cycles and insomnia


  sinus infections

  neck pain


  recurrent ear infections or colic in babies


  trauma recovery, including car crash trauma

  mood disorders such as anxiety or depression

  difficult pregnancies

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